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“There is a big difference between still believing something and believing it again.
Still believing that the moon affects plants reveals stupidity and superstition but
believing it again shows philosophy and contemplation.” Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Welcome to the Delphi Group!
Welcome to the Academy for Forecasting!

For years, enthusiastic people of all age groups have come together with the belief that old knowledge deserves to be dealt with respectfully. After lengthy consideration and a critical review, a concept has been formed that further developed astrology after the process had come to a standstill in the age of the Enlightenment because of Kepler, Descartes, Leibniz, and Kant.

The result is not a revised astrology, nor is it a simple taking on of classic or modern axioms and theorems. It is a fundamentally new approach that proves that the cosmic “One” that began from mythology through ancient times and medieval access to knowledge up to the modern scientific knowledge has one and the same goal, which, however, has been formulated in various languages throughout the ages.

Immanuel Kant wanted to create acceptance for newly obtained knowledge with the motto of the Enlightenment “sapere aude” – “dare to know,” and the Delphi Group wants to call old knowledge to remembrance and promote acceptance of it with the same motto.

A new view of the world and humanity has come into being step-by-step building on the thoughts of great intellectual leaders such as Heraclitus, Spinoza, Kepler, Nietzsche, Tesla, and Landscheidt, but also on an enthusiastic analysis of scientific theories including physics, genetics, psychology, and philosophy.

The cosmic human.

I would like to thank my companions for their loyalty, recognition, contending, and perseverance.

They are some of the best that modern astrology has to show.