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Welcome to the Calliope Group!

After decades of struggling for a new approach to astrology and developing the Delphi Group, the Calliope Group was founded in 2015 modeled after the Muses of epic poetry, science, and philosophy.

Since then Birgit, Manuela and Helmut have been working on a new introduction to astrology. The draft version was finished in april 2021, and after the fine-tuning is done it is planned for publication in the fall of 2023.

A scientific approach to astrology is also being worked on. Other volumes are also being simultaneously prepared about the philosophy and psychology of the cosmic human.

Publications in preparation

  • Astrology of the cosmic human.
  • Astrology of the cosmic human.
    Scientific approach.
  • Psychology of the cosmic human.
  • Philosophy of the cosmic human.



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