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Welcome to Delphi Consulting!

It is my deep desire to help people who are looking for advice to recognize their potential, to develop, and to break out of traditional patterns building on a new view of the world and humanity, which is the cosmic human, while having ongoing consideration of psychological theories and philosophical theses as well as building on the development of a new personality psychology and decades of experience as a psychological and professional consultant.

I will do everything in my power and attempt to approach people as free of prejudices as possible and perceive my duty in a Socratic sense as a maieutic.

Socrates, whose mother was a maia, or midwife, compared his dialog techniques with midwifery. He helped his fellow humans find knowledge by motivating them with targeted questions to self-activate the matter under consideration. The person learning is the one giving birth and is the center of attention. The teacher, or consultant, supports the birth process like a midwife.

The twofold approach of astrology, the psychological and forecasting dimension, is an unsurpassed sextant that nevertheless is used with great caution.

I am looking forward to your visit!
Helmut Soukopf


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