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Welcome to the Delphi Group!

In applied astrology, a fundamentally new personality model has come into being including the most important traditional and modern psychological theories, special philosophical ways of thinking, as well as critical guidelines from Eysenck.

Applied astrology is able to simultaneously use a wide variety of scientific and alternative approaches from Galen’s philosophy of the four temperaments, to Freud’s tripartite model, to the factor theory according to Eysenck, or the “Big Five” as part of the cosmobiosophic model and thus is able to comprehensively and holistically describe the human personality. In particular, also in the respect of whether and how individual personality aspects starting at the time of measurement develop or whether they grow, stagnate, or retard.

The goal of the Delphi Group is to present the human personality using these premises and on the basis of a new view of the world and humanity. This also leads to a breaking-off from the general view of personality development as well as from the prognosis of human potential and behavior.

In this section, shortened estimations of public figures as well as countries, organizations, or companies are presented in excerpts. They are presented with the self-imposed restriction that formulations in a public context should be made with as much restraint as possible.


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