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Welcome to the Academy for Forecasting!

The Delphi Group is developing new approaches in prognostic astrology. We not only orient ourselves by famous personalities such as Kepler and Landscheidt, but we dare to take our own path.

In intervals of time, we provide forecasts for particular occasions and also send them to select media. The content of the forecasts relates to societal, scientific, economic, and political developments.

Our approaches are neither fortune-telling, nor do we take the approach that every forecast must be correct. Especially when we work with election forecasts with percentages like modern opinion research. The goal is rather to test, verify, and further develop postulated theories and methods of the Delphi Group.

We do this with the awareness that the “future” is just as difficult to reveal as the present and past but also with the belief that the future develops based on laws like everything in the cosmos does.

According to our hypotheses, these laws not only apply to scientific and physical processes, but also apply to mental and spiritual processes.